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This website is dedicated to finding and sharing answers to several perplexing questions which came about as a result of understanding that there are millions of paranormal and extraordinary things happening on this planet that do not fit within the limits of our ordinary consciousness. If you ever wonder why your life as it is seems to be lacking and is just ordinary you may have some of these questions in your mind. You have come to the right place to open to some answers. I do not boast that I have all the answers, but I get closer and closer every moment.

 My latest books are a reflection of my quotations which are as follows:

Truth is but a perception of what appears to be real.


Is seeing believing or believing seeing? Such is the ultimate question, the answer within which lies the secret to life.


It is not death we need to change our beliefs on, it is our view of life.


What we know is that we dont know. When you stop thinking, you know it all.


At the level of quantum energy, our subconscious is the link to all that exists.


There is no better path to the top of the mountain, what is most important is that you climb.


A mirror of all that is energy is in your mind; harness it and you have the genie at your command.


What you believe is what you see. Seeing is believing is a limiting scientific box. Drop it and you can change your life.


When you enter the state of quantum oneness which exists in the now, you have the realm for infinite possibilities.


If you find the above reflecting a paradigm way of thinking, the truth is they do. My quest is to share the simple principles, and practical ways your life can be filled with miracles.




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