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THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC Fall of the Dark Empire


In this single volume containing the series of six books originally published under separate covers as The Adventures of ACE2, we are told the fictional story of how microscopic virus and immune system characters changed the world forever. These key players are the catalysts in a trilogy of global “demics” including the Plandemic, Scamdemic and Pandemic that locked down planet Earth. As we follow the lead character ACE-2, a cell Receptor and his gang of Immune System Good Guys, they take on the COVID-2 Virion Gang of Bad Guys where we witness the evolution and struggle in a greater narrative for global dominion. As the conflict between microscopic Bad and Good unfolds into the macroscopic Great Awakening of the Age of Aquarius, they lead us through the greatest human struggle of all time to reveal the higher Light and Dark forces being played out on an Earth battleground. In this epic clash we see how these characters, their supporters and manipulators awaken humanity into the ultimate prophesy of Armageddon setting the time for Rapture as the Triumph of Light or Capture into Dark as slavery of all Mankind.


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     Copyright Ed Rychkun 2008