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The Secret Little Book



How can words explain what you have sent me.

I could not put it down, especially when it got into the last half. You tapped into what I call my creative zone, it is my

goal to spend all of my time in this zone, I just need to get some things in place so that I can spend my time in this zone.

It is where I know I need to be.

Ed, to be honest with you I have never read anything as profound and deep in all my life.

Thank You for sharing.

Ronald J. Conn,  RNCP RHN CBCT LBA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ubiquity Wellness Centre

(Vancouver BC)


In his book The Secret Little Book, Ed Rychkun, while giving you the source and background of the New Age movement, breaks the meaning of life down for you into 7 easy steps. While other books take 500 pages to explain how we as a race can survive the torments, stresses and unhappiness we face on earth, Rychkun shares his powerful secrets of how to do it and have a Great Life in a mere 35 pages... and you can carry this book with you twenty four seven. This book is small in size and huge in content.

James Green, Marketing Consultant

Vancouver Mayor candidate 2005

Everyone, faced by his own mortality has pondered the eternal questions and wondered just what life is all about. Tucked away on this rather remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy we seem to have been put out in left field so to speak. We are but rather insignificant specks, mere cinders, stranded on a planet that presents far more questions than answers. Is there any cosmic truth out there and if so where do we find it? Look no further! There's now a new book out that cuts to the chase; compressing years of personal research and “hands on experience” it hits a home run with its “new age prescription for a great life.” The Secret Little Book, written by Ed Rychkun, tackles the typical hard to handle metaphysical material and presents in a simple easy to understand format. It’s an easy read but make no mistake it will want you to come back to the ballpark for more.  

Tom, Retired Teacher


A Masterpiece!!!

The Secret Little Book is an enlightening piece of work that is destined to invoke change in any reader. Ed has created a masterpiece that presents a clear vision for all to follow by diffusing the mysteries of life into simple, quantifiable life laws. He has given us the means to understand by what force all and everything exists and how each and every one of us is an integral part of it. The clear and undeniable message that resonates from these pages is that there is but one omnipotent force that is the universal truth to creating a harmonious life – Love. Ed’s wisdom has allowed me to see the path that I must take to free myself from the Ego Matrix and to let go of what I thought I was and now become who I know I am. 

Thank you Ed, you have given me the Key I have long been looking for!

Steve, ESB,  Entrepreneur

(West Lake, Ca. USA)


I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your book thoroughly and it has provoked some deeper thought.  I am excited as it has given me a different perspective on things, which has led me to be a much calmer, relaxed being.  I wanted to express my appreciation for your work. Thank you again.

Tracey Gabert,


Awesome! An absolutely riveting and empowering little booklet. There is nobody on the planet that this short, practical prescription couldn't help. Why couldn't I have found this years ago?


Book of Secrets I

“I could not put down Book of Secrets I and I am very eager to read the others.” 

"Thank you for making this information available to us all.”

Sean ,  in Ontario 2008


Congratulations Ed! You have written a concise easy to understand overview on what is both a broad and sometimes misunderstood topic - the New Age. As a student of metaphysics and a truth seeker since my early 20's - in linear time over 35 years - I have been active and involved in the New Age movement. During this time I have come to appreciate that New Age isn't new at all. In fact core principles of New Age, being that we are One with Our Creator (what ever one conceives that to be) and another being that the basic reason for our existence is to "Know Thyself" have been around as long as time itself. New Age is and always has been about self discovery, and our relationship to our Creator and to the Universe in which we live. This self discovery happens at its own pace for every individual. As you describe in your book there now is New Age buzz. More and more people are waking up to New Age Thought, which is liberating and joyous and non enslaving compared to traditional thought patterns of domination, power and control by our many institutions which have evolved as they tell us for our own "good". It is so refreshing to see this awakening occurring globally at an ever quickening pace. Ed your contribution through this little book is another example of how this awakening is occurring. I recommend "The book of Secrets" to the novice and seasoned New Age seeker alike. A great concise overview and a well structured refresher for anyone with a genuine interest in New Age.

Steve, in Canada

With the books you have written - I was very impressed... I have always enjoyed that method of teaching in story format. I think it appeals to most people and certainly gets the message across. I would like to see all your books in a story format as in the situations of the first books - Book of secrets etc. It makes reading a pleasure appeals to everyone and drums the information into those that are receptive and seeking a path. As the movie the Matrix and some others have done in the past. I enjoy your books Ed and I will look forward to the next one "Preparing for Ascension" please let me know when it is available for download so I might purchase that one from you 

Keep up the good work Ed, It is nice to see so many people helping each other as the time draws near.

Malcolm Bowden,  in Australia    


Jack & the Great Oak Tree

Sometimes all is not as it seems… such is the case with “Jack and the Great Oak Tree.” On the surface it may be read as an entertaining fairy tale, along the lines of those of Hans Christian Anderson. It tells the story of a young boy and girl who have what appears to be on the surface a mystical adventure. This in itself is not out of the ordinary; however, cleverly interwoven in this tapestry is an insightful revelation about the New Age Children, the Indigoes and Crystals . Much has been written about them, for they have been a hot topic now for over a decade, yet this is where Ed Rychkun’s story is truly unique. Using a stream of consciousness technique he shows what it might be like to actually be one of these enlightened youngsters. In doing so he compels the reader to perceive reality “outside the box.” That the ever increasing numbers of adolescents today who we deem as non functional are just the opposite, it is we, the adults, who are out of synch. On the surface, then, this appears to be a simple story, but don’t be deceived, for the author, through his incisive imagination, has truly taken us where “no one has gone before”…into the minds of the next generation human.

Thomas Richard S.,  in Canada

You Are Fired Said the Heart to the Ego

“You are Fired said the Heart to the Ego” - A book conceived and written by a great spiritual and sentient writer Ed Rychkun. – I have just read Ed’s new book and enjoyed the simplistic way in the approach he has taken to tell this story. He has clearly written this book to be informative in such a way as to teach and educate all age groups endeavoring to embark upon a path to unfold their true nature. The book clearly teaches how we work and where our problems lay in relation to the blockages to evolve into our true nature of being. This book takes you from the very basic stages of Ego through to God in such a way as to enforce the understanding. I would recommend this book to those starting out on a path of spiritual enlightenment and would suggest that this would be a good start to understanding ourselves.

Malcolm Bowden,  in Australia   


Subtle Secrets

For some reason I was playing around with the books.  I was mesmerized by Subtle Secrets: Talking heart to heart.

Winnie Sindi,  in South Africa

Xolani and the Magic Shanty

Wow! What an inspiring book. A simplistic way of navigating life and its complexities by listening to the inner voice that guides you to do right, or tells you if you are on the wrong.  I love it!  This is a great masterpiece!  Thanks Ed.

Winnie Kunene,  in South Africa

     Copyright Ed Rychkun 2008