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As one who has discovered his Soul, my mortal name is Ed. After a long quest of studying the quantum void of no time, no space and no identity, I am best identified as a material humanoid vessel temporarily engaged mentally and emotionally in a preset holographic immersion movie called life.  I am quickly learning the true nature of human purpose and the inherent built-in Natural Design that supports longevity, well being and abundance. The truth, hidden in plain sight, is about being out of your  mind to truly understand reality and the movie of life.   As I learn more about who we are, and the natural design underlying how it all works,  my quest is to share practical, empowering (and sometimes shocking) information) that can be of service to others so the quality of  life improves; and others are given the choice of awareness to avoid the mistakes that lead to a Hell on Earth.

                     Click here to read You are Fired Said the Heart to the Ego

It takes you to a critical situation that occurs between a human’s heartbeats. In a last ditch effort to make sure the next beat occurs, the Heart engages in a desperate conversation with the Ego whom it blames for the demise of the human. In a fascinating dialogue between the Heart, the Ego, the Brain, the Mind, the Soul, the Chakra Children, and God, the book takes you to the split second where time ceases and the physical material world becomes one with the Spiritual and Subtle energy counterparts. Learn how the Ego has taken the command center away from the sleeping Mind making the Brain, Soul, Heart, and Chakra Children subservient players in directing the quality of human life. Learn how the crisis deadlock is broken and the decision is made whether the next heartbeat is allowed to occur. See if you can deduct the same conclusions and reject or accept a coherent harmony between the six characters that control the human’s life. Will you Fire the Ego and put the power back where it belongs?