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This website is dedicated to finding and sharing answers to why a life is as it is. If you ever wonder why your life seems to be lacking and is just ordinary you may wish to explore this site for answers. If you are like most Earthlings, you most likely live life pondering how things could be better. Well, the bad news is that average earthlings do average things and more often than not are guilty of engaging in 12 deadly sins to express life the wrong way. As a consequence, an average Earthling will die at an average of 70-75 years with a demise of the common life killers of coronary, heart, cancer, pulmonary, respiratory, nerve or diabetes disease. In the end you will be like 60% of Earthings and be the proud owner of less that $10,000 in wealth; and like the vast majority believe in some religion to guide your life. What are these 12 deadly sins? Let me list what that average Earthling does to maintain that “normal” average profile.


  1. 1.    Not understanding your subtle energy rules of engagement in your life purpose.
  2. 2.    Using free will to choose negative perceptions of experience and expression. 
  3. 3.    Not knowing you are the Creator of your personal material world.  
  4. 4.    Creating toxic emotions to down-regulate gene expression from normal funcion. 
  5. 5.    Allowing toxic emotions and stress to build internally to create dis-ease and disease.
  6. 6.    Supporting a subconscious programming focused on being a victim in a survival mode of life.  
  7. 7.    Not understanding  your genetic makeup to evolve beyond the savage Anatomically Modern  Human.
  8. 8.    Accepting religious doctrine of sin and vengeance as your guiding truth of mental and emotional expression.
  9. 9.    Ignoring being a fractal part of the Unified Quantum Field and its unlimited potential.
  10. 10.  Forgetting your purpose of being here to create Heaven on Earth and improve the greater consciousness.
  11. 11.  Preventing your DNA from opening to its higher purpose.
  12. 12.  Not aligning with heart-brain subtle energy rules of Natural Design.


The truth is most of these average people want to be above average. The good news is they can. How? Stop doing those 12 things. Look to thinking and believing outside of what has made you average. Get off the gopher wheel of your life. Easy to say, right? Yes. Easy to do? No. You need new rules. To get you started on how and why, I offer a free download of the essence of my latest book SEE.

I offer a free downoad of the problem of how and why these 12 sins can Cause the wrong Effect if you don’t pay attention to how you express them. 


 This information is based upon a lifetime of research and will take you into a scientific, clinical world that will allow you to understand you are not a victim of your world, you are the creator of it. Most important, it will give you a new foundation to build a new mind and become more than just average.

There are many books offerred on this website that reflect my life quest to find the appropriate abundance, health, and humor that was prescribed for my journey.

















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