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Jack and the Great Oak Tree

In this enlightening and fascinating Children’s/Young Adult book, Ed Rychkun weaves a story of a boy and girl that on the surface appears as a fairy tale, yet has a profound message about the relationship of Crystal Children, their environment, and their parents.

Jack is an eight year old "Crystal" boy who does not seem to fit in with much of anything “normal”. He has no friends, hates school and seems to be dysfunctional to his parents. But Jack loves to be One with Nature and has some secret skills. He sees people’s auras and he smells things differently. He can read other’s thoughts. He talks to animals and trees, and he hates fake things like the Zombie Box his parents watch.

He dislikes conflict and dishonesty, and can read the energy of it. He rejects plastic junk toys other kids love. What must the parents do to him to make him normal becomes Jack’s and their dilemma. But one day Jack finds a giant magic Oak Tree in the deep forest. It changes his life, and others around him forever.

Follow Jack as his adventures lead him to knowing who he really is and what he, and his parents must do in their lives.

Join Jack and Suzie in the most life changing adventure of their lives.


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Xolani & the Magic Shanty

In this Young-Adult/Children’s book, Ed Rychkun tells the story of Xolani, an angry 12 year old Zulu boy living in Shanty Town South Africa. Life is not good here and he has taken up with a band of ruffians to get back at the wealthy and the Whites whom they have learned to hate.

One day Xolani finds a Magic Shanty and meets an unusual Nharo Medicine Man. Xolani finds he is not as bad as he thought and some of his Crystal Child characteristics are making life a conflict. Suddenly life begins to change for him and the people around him as he begins to blossom, and he learns how he can make his own Magic Shanty.

Follow his life changing experience in the poverty stricken Shanty Town as he changes his and everyone else’s life. Shanty Town will never be the same.

Live with Xolani as he unfolds his new destiny.


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