These books by Ed Rychkun are written to help you wake up to the New Age opportunities unfolding before you, take back your lost powers and manifest your Spiritual and Financial dreams.


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Miracle, Miracle I Wish to Find Where You Hide Within My Mind

Whether mainstream medical and science experts want to admit it or not, millions of spectacular, unexplained healing miracles occur. The dismissal of this reality on the basis of unexplainable does not benefit others who have such a wondrous gift, or even be able to create a miracle.  

Quantum physics has proven that consciousness and the mind is the vital component to miracles but they simply do not know how. In addition quantum science has shattered the foundations of what we know of atomic science. The truth is that the answers do not lie in science and if someone else can create a miracle, then so can you.  

So how do others do it? Let me take you to the leaders in miracles—the ones that caught my attention—the ones doing it daily. When you understand how the miracle healers really get down to the simple basics, a paradigm shift occurs in belief. Let me give you a short, simple course on what I found out so perhaps you too can create your own miracles?  

Take your own quantum leap into the new reality of miracles.

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Return to the Future

Michael Carpetbagger has a serious problem with his life. After the banking and market collapse of 2008, he and his partners are feeling the stress of a failing business. They are moving to the dark side as of necessity. This does not sit well with Michael as his soul niggles at his actions. 

As Mike’s conundrum of negative stress and helplessness overtakes him, he falls into a bizarre instant in time where a sequence of revelations is brought to him by his Guiding Angel. She takes him on a strange journey to previous lives where in the Golden Age of Atlantis he begins to recall what and who he really is. As they wander the quantum space of his past realities into Mayan lands, and he connects with his cosmic soul family, Mike begins to form a new vision why the old financial energy is rapidly giving way to the new spiritual energies. 

Now, with a new look at his future, he must congeal all the past information into what he must do to best survive as the Earth and global ascension of consciousness accelerates towards 2012 and the End Time. WARNING: CAN YOU FACE UP TO WHO YOU ARE? This may appear as work of fiction but it is an account of the past and future as seen through the past lives of a Seer of Atlantis.


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I AM: The Most Powerful Words in the Universe is a belief provoking journey into Mind and Body healing – focused on two major areas of miracles – wealth and health. I AM, the original name of the Creator God, reflects who and what we are. Ed Rychkun, a Reiki Master and energy balancer focuses on healing the mind to produce external energy miracles. This is combined with the work and astounding abilities of Mark Sorensen, a gifted and established energy balancer focused on the body to produce healing miracles. 

Together, Mark and Ed will take you on a belief journey that is guaranteed to change your life. In a practical, down-to-earth format, Mark and Ed explain how you – the ultimate co-creator of your life - can proactively change your reality of health and wealth. Find out why walking the thought in the imaginary realm of quantum possibilities is more important than walking the talk in our physical realm. Wake up and clearly understand the paradigm shift of why believing is seeing. 

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The Way Back

In this story, Christopher Andrew Fallenstar is a desperate trapped soul lost in a sea of mundane agony. He is on Earth living a dysfunctional life full of self pity, anger and unhappiness. His darkness eventually leads him to despair and a gateway into a world where reality and non-reality have converged. Lost and bewildered, he must find his way back. But back to what? Is it back to the Home from where he came or is it where he is living his mundane life? On his journey, he must traverse a series of Realms with pathways through his inner being to find his way. His quest to find his way back leads him to deal with parts of himself that he never knew about. He begins to uncover a new consciousness about who and what he might be. 

What he chooses and the paths he takes determines his final eternal destiny… and what the back really means. In this story, Ed Rychkun will take you on a journey through your inner self that may change the way you view Home.  It may even change your attitude about life!

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Managing Human Subtle Energy: Walking the Thought

Managing Human Subtle Energy: Walking the Thought This mind bending book gets to the bottom line of how to launch a management program that will absolutely change your life. You will clearly understand what Human Subtle Energies are and how they have been designed with a purpose – to convert non-physical energy to physical reality within your consciousness so you can enjoy life. First, see what the world of new science says about the existence and power of Human Subtle Energy. After this mind-blowing summary, find out the Laws by which these energies generated by your body operate. The inevitable startling conclusion will pound into your mind – you have not been managing your subtle energies properly – living a life of negative energy, drumming to a default destiny. Ironically, your life has turned out exactly the way you wanted it from previous thoughts and emotions. The way to change this lies in creating a habit to break old habits – through proactive Subtle Energy Management. 

Do you believe you can awaken the Genie in you and even control events by managing your subtle energy? Walk your thoughts for 60 days and find out for yourself.  

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The Book of Secrets Trilogy: Personal Workbook 

In this 8.5 X 11 size Ring Bound volume, Ed Rychkun, brings together the complete trilogy including The Book of Secrets I, II and III as a workbook. Please refer to The Book of Secrets summaries. Also included are the Commercial Martial Arts I and II which are integrated into the Book of Secrets I and II. Each book of the Trilogy is included in this large volume of 500 pages. Here you can make your own notes and summaries after each chapter and summarize the key questions at the end of each book to see how it relates to your own life. Pick out specific references and tactics that can help you take off the Cloak of the Matrix, take your own financial and spiritual powers back, and prepare yourself for the entry of the New Age transformation of 2012. Make it your own personal reference book and planning medium. 

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The Book of Secrets I: Breaking the Chains of Your Spiritual & Commercial  Bondage 

In this book, Ed Rychkun tells a story about two happy Light Beings who volunteered for a special mission to planet Earth. Having been incarnated as Tom and Pam Doubtfull, they have been captured in a commercial and spiritual illusion that has consumed their existence. Live with them as they meet two Mentors and uncover the Secrets about the Cloak of the Matrix and how the truth has been hidden from them by the Global Elite. See how they cast away the old belief system  to unplug from this Matrix. Learn the secrets of how they break their chains of Spiritual and Commercial bondage to walk through a new door into a new reality, and their New Age birthright. 

Wake up and unplug from the Spiritual and Commercial Illusion

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The Book of Secrets II: Taking Back Your Financial and Spiritual Powers  

In this book, Ed Rychkun continues the journey of ascension of Tom and Pam Doubtfull, two descended Light Beings as they continue to dig deeper and deeper into the truth behind the Commercial and Spiritual Illusion. Having broken their chains of bondage from the Cloak of the Matrix, Tom and Pam now set their path to take back the powers they have lost. Learn the details of how the Global Elite, through a cunning global deception using  religion and commerce have implemented their plan on nations and people. In a compelling dialogue with their Mentors, Tom and Pam uncover the hidden tactical secrets of how to take back control of their Spiritual and Financial life, and reclaim their powers. 

Take back your financial and spiritual powers

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The Book of Secrets III: Preparing For Ascension 

The Book of Secrets: Preparing For Ascension In this book, Ed Rychkun continues the journey of ascension with Tom and Pam Doubtfull, two descended Light Beings who have awoken to who they really are. Having discovered how they have been captured into the commercial and spiritual illusions, they now know exactly how to unplug from the Cloak of the Matrix and take back their spiritual and financial powers. Now Tom and Pam must set a practical new course that takes them through a Life Plan and back to their lineage of Spirit – their birthright. 

Follow Pam and Tom as they now lay out their steps of ascending from their 3D material conundrum into 4D and 5D light beings, crossing over the 2012 zero point predicted by the Mayans. Learn how they rationalize the conflicting prophesies, galactic cataclysms, Earth upheaval, and economic collapse using New Age, scientific, biblical and esoteric evidence to determine their ultimate plan. Follow them in their struggle to go back to Nature, leave the material world behind and prepare for their final homecoming. 

Prepare yourself for Ascension and the Great Awakening

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Commercial Martial Arts I: Taking off the Cloak of the Illuminati Matrix

In this work of fiction, Ed Rychkun explains how the Illuminati have captured Tom, a typical businessman, into their herd of Sheeple. He, like Nations, have unknowingly accepted the invisible Cloak of the Matrix that makes them and him a human capital machine working for a Strawman. Being siphoned by the commercial deception and fed the illusion of freedom, it is time for Tom to wake up. Understanding how bankrupt Nations have bonded him into paying for their folly, he wakes up to how this global deception has been implemented by the Global Elite. Watch as he takes off the Cloak and prepares himself for the Commercial Martial Arts. Learn the obscured, hidden secrets as Tom’s   Mentor  leads him into the power in the Private world of Commerce, and how the Commercial and Spiritual Illusion can work for him.  

Note: The contents of this book are also part of the Book of Secrets I. It is separated out for convenience  .  

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Commercial Martial Arts II: Taking Back Your Financial Powers

In this work of fiction, Ed Rychkun takes you on a profound new journey through the commercial illusion. With the Cloak of the Matrix taken off, Tom is now able to learn his offensive and defensive weapons to take back his financial powers. As Tom’s  Mentor  takes him through his Martial Arts lessons, he learns how to make the Strawman work for him and how to structure his financial affairs in the Private world of commerce. Through Tom’s lessons, he learns how he can unplug the legal, tax and banking siphons to take back his financial powers. Tom’s tactical, unpublished secrets of deploying his new path towards Preparing, Privatizing and Protecting his financial world, and changes his life forever.   

Note: The contents of this book are also part of the Book of Secrets II. It is separated out for convenience .

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Subtle Secrets: Talking Heart to Heart 

If you have ever had moments where you pondered why your life has unfolded the way it has and whether you had any control over making it better, you need to read this profound summary that combines ancient wisdom with recent scientific discoveries. In this book, Ed Rychkun gets to the "Heart" of how to manifest a life of quality time providing concise riveting information about you why you need to start paying attention to the Subtle Laws of the Universe. These Subtle laws reveal the common purpose of life transcending the boundaries of race, and religious and spiritual differences so common on our conflictive planet. From the ancient wisdom of the ages, to the miracle healings of the religions, through New Age beliefs and from the most recent scientific discoveries, Ed extracts the essence of a common purpose and process with a resounding message: "If you want to heal the planet, and generate love and peace, start with yourself and your own back yard. Then direct your mind to change your code of behavior to create coherence between the two main subtle energy centers - the heart and brain".  

Take the action to manifest a quality life and activate your role to a peaceful planet  

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The Ubiquitology Handbook to the Peak Living Zone 

Shift Happened: The Ubiquitology Handbook to the Peak Living Zone Take an exciting new journey into the new shift revolutionalising health care in this provocative handbook on Ubiquitology – healing by connecting mind and body with Spirit. Ronald Conn, a popular radio personality, and Founder of Ubiquity Wellness Centre,  North America ’s foremost, private preventative, natural wellness clinic, reveals how after his Near Death Experience he gave birth to his vision and has used revolutionary Ubiquitous healing methods to help thousands achieve their health and wellness goals. Learn how to stay in the Peak Living Zone as Ed Rychkun, former business executive, Reiki Master and Spiritual Writer takes you to the bottom line of how the subtle Laws of the Universe work. He tells you why your life is the way it is, and how, by paying attention to the laws of subtle energies, manifesting a better quality life can become a reality. Together, Ronald and Ed provide a mind blowing handbook taking you onto the fast-track to optimum health and quality life through their simple Mind, Body and Spirit Code. 

 Take the action to get into the Peak Living Zone

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You Are Fired Said the Heart to the Ego

You Are Fired Said the Heart to the Ego In this unusual and profound book, Ed Rychkun takes you to a critical situation that occurs between a human’s heartbeats. In a last ditch effort to make sure the next beat occurs, the Heart engages in a desperate conversation with the Ego whom it blames for the demise of the human. In a fascinating dialogue between the Heart, the Ego, the Brain, the Mind, the Soul, the Chakra Children, and God, Ed takes you to the split second where time ceases and the physical material world becomes one with the Spiritual and Subtle energy counterparts. 

Learn how the Ego has taken the command center away from the sleeping Mind making the Brain, Soul, Heart, and Chakra Children subservient players in directing the quality of human life. Learn how the crisis deadlock is broken and the decision is made whether the next heartbeat is allowed to occur. See if you can deduct the same conclusions and reject or accept a coherent harmony between the six characters that control the human’s life.

 Will you Fire the Ego and put the power back where it belongs?  

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The Secret Little Book: A New Age Prescription for a Great Life  

In this short little book, Ed Rychkun reveals what it has taken him "many lifetimes" to learn. He lays out a simple "down to earth" bottom line summary of the New Age. He then reveals his powerful secrets to a complete Body, Mind and Spirit Prescription for health and prosperity. In a simple, easy to read format, he summarizes his 8 Secret Laws of the Universe that have a direct effect on how you manifest a joyful life of abundance, harmony and love. Ed unfolds a simple Life Plan for everyone, then takes you on a quick journey of ascension and the New Age Great Awakening of 2012. This stunning booklet will prepare you for a dynamic new future unfolding on this planet.

Take the New Age Prescription for great life

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