Self-Publishing Finally Made Easy

by Ed Rychkun…


his exciting new book lays out a true Canadian version of self-publishing and adds a fresh twist… how to present your fun-loving activities into a profitable business. Ed Rychkun self-publisher  and author of eight popular books on recreation, reveals all the secrets of transforming your  leisure activities into fun and cash. Ed’s comprehensive new manual gives you a simple step by step approach to changing an idea into a real book… and making money. 

 Learn to unleash hidden talents and get paid for it….


elf-publishing has become a North American phenomenon, allowing people to share stories, experiences and hobbies. In this book, you learn how you can capitalise on your expertise in the activities you already enjoy. Through examples, Ed explains how the tax system can help you pay for many of the costs already incurred in your leisure activities and how you can get your enterprise set up with the assistance of the tax system. Here is how you can unleash hidden talents and possibly create that best seller you have dreamed about. Not only can you save on money you are already spending, you can open limitless possibilities by sharing your knowledge with others through the world of Self-publishing.

Enjoy the prestige of an author… and reap the benefits…


ver 150,000 titles were self-published last year and 2 out of 3 books made money. You may have a best seller in your brain but never know it. Self-publishing can present you with a road to independence, personal freedom and financial gain. It is a way to turn a dream into a reality and it can start part time while you are employed. What better investment than in yourself? And on top of all of this consider  that when you self-publish, you take on the prestige of an expert.

A simple step by step manual…


his book is definitely different from the rest. Through an actual example of a hiking book that reveals new local trails, the author takes you from the original idea to the final design, printing and marketing of the book. In clear, simple steps you will learn how to:

start with a basic idea on leisure activity

merge your ideas with best selling ideas

set up a simple business infrastructure

lay out a cover and interior design

get registered into the international book trade

complete a final manuscript and covers

find the best quotes from book printers

build a fast, simple promotional plan

how to get others to sell your book

how to sell through mail order or the Internet

how to expand your business