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WARNING: This Book was banned by Amazon/Kindle. They refused to publish it on the grounds that it was therir right to decide. I sent responses to them including the CEO of Amazon: Deaf ears. I tried to explain pwoplw needed to understand stress and how Covied creates it. Why at a time of world crisis and rampid fears of COVID-19, they would ban a book that offered way of survining stress, the ultimate killer of out immune systems is totally beyond comprehension.

Recent research shows the COVID-19 Pandemic is a result of invading a compromised immune system not allowing ACE2 Genes to up-regulate their natural functions of dealing with viruses. The highly contagious and mobile COVID has been effective in the process of invading cell receptors called ACE2 found in the immune system, heart, lungs, kidneys, gut, and recently dicovered nose area. Whereas ACE2 is normally designed to stop such invasions, being  compromised, it actually allows the virus access to cells, simply because the ACE2 gene is not able to express itself in a process of up-regulation. This process is further rendered useless by existing diseases like heart, kidney,respiratory, diabetic, cancer and their medications that greatly increases the vulnerability to COVID or any othe infectious disease.  As a result, COVID is best able to thrive and multiply in cells of older people with existing diseases and compromised immune systems in places where ACE2 is found and unable to deal with the normal process of virus threats because it expresses down-regulation. At the root of the problem is emotional stress such as fear, either perceived or real, that directly impacts the ability of genes to deal with a positive genetic expression of immune response.

Athough COVID is a current world issue, its process of invasion is a stark reminder that at the ground level, the ability of the brain and immune system to deal with any threat is based upon how people have been able to deal with the 12 Deadly Sins. These are habits of expression  that encourage emotional toxicity and continous negative expression that over time to directly affect the functionality of the immune system. The use of proven methods to manage such emotional energies through the mind and heart have become effective ways to change brain and gene expression resulting in thousands of healing miracles. Presented here in explicit details referencing known practitioners of energy techniques so you will begin to understand how negative misaligned energy centers of the body become dysfunctional and what needs to be done to reestablish their proper functionalities. SEE, for Subtle Energy Entrainment presents a set of these proven techniques combining known successful methods. These provide the ways to shift gene expression towards up-regulation, regardless of issue. As such, this book will provide you with methods applicable to any issues highlighting the most current research and clinical results by known practitioners who have dramatically facilitated healing and reality shifting miracles through the mind.

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If you look at what Lockdowns are doing, you see that in just about every country where they have been implemented, they have disrupted human rights and natural ways of social intercourse creating unnatural behavior and stress. In certain countries such as South Africa, High Court judgements have come down siteing that regulations of Lockdown are in direct violation of human rights. A further impact relating to the human right to work has created economic failures thereby creating financial and emotional stress. Lockdowns have clearly created chaos within the human constitution of natural design. The world is prolific in the science of emotional stress such as fear either perceived or real and how it directly affects the ability of genes to deal with genetic expression that compromises the immune system. Adding to these issues are that there are 12 deadly sins that over time directly affect the  functionality of the immune system and humn wellness. In finding ways to best survive and protect yourself from the virus of Lockdowns, this book offers the use of proven methods to manage emotional energies through the mind and heart. These have become effective ways to change gene expression resulting in thousands of documented healing miracles. This book offers you SEE for Subtle Energy Entrainment. It details a set of proven techniques combining known successful methods to provide the ways to shift gene expression to up-regulation, regardless of disease type. In times of Lockdown stress, SEE can become your survival guide.

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Can You SEE Cleary?

In this short booklet Can You SEE Clearly?, you will come to realize the 12 sins that you have created against yourself to be an average Earthing. Taking a scientific and clinical approach to what these sins are and how they are inadvertently created, Ed brings forward a process of SEE reflecting the crossover science processes and procedures that have been used successfully by thousands of people. Subtle Energy Entrainment offers the best of the best processes as documented in the reference book SEE Subtle Energy Entrainment (not required). In this summary book, you will SEE more clearly through five simple chapters. You will SEE the PROBLEMS of the sins you have made and the life and body consequences of those problems. You will clearly SEE the SOLUTION to those problems in a set of the best of the best processes and procedures that cost nothing but time and intent. You will test and SEE your POWER. And you will SEE the RESULTS documented by people who have been coached or use these practices. This NOT a medical process nor a substitute for medicine. It is about stopping what you are doing to be average to See more clearly how to launch a plan to be better.


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SEE Subtle Energy Entrainment

















SEE Subtle Energy Entrainment is about the average Earthlings who more often than not is guilty of engaging in 12 deadly sins to express life the wrong way. If you are an average Earthling then you will die at an average of 70-75 years and be inflicted with most common life killers of coronary, heart, cancer, pulmonary, respiratory, nerve or diabetes disease just like the average Earthling. You may even end up with less than $10,000 as an estate like the other 60%, and certainly follow some religion. If you wish to SEE better and rise to an above average Earthling, you may want to understand how to bring your mindset outside of this average life and engage in the proven programs offered in this book. What are these 12 Deadly sins?

1.   Not understanding your subtle energy rules of engagement in your life purpose.

2.   Using free will to choose negative perceptions of experience and expression.

3.   Not knowing you are the Creator of you personal material world.

4.   Creating toxic emotions to down-regulate gene expression from normal funcion.

5.   Allowing toxic emotions and stress to build internally to create dis-ease and disease.

6.   Supporting a subconscious programming focused on being a victim in a survival mode of life.

7.   Not understanding  your genetic makeup to evolve beyond the savage Anatomically Modern Human.

8.   Accepting religious doctrine of sin and vengeance as your guiding truth of mental and emotional expression.

9.   Ignoring being a fractal part of the Unified Quantum Field and it unlimited potential.

10.  Forgetting your purpose of being here to create Heaven on Earth and improve the greater consciousness.

11.  Preventing your DNA from opening to its higher purpose.

12.  Not aligning with heart-brain subtle energy rules of Natural Design..

This book will take you into a scientific, clinical world that will allow you to understand you are not a victim of your world, you are the creator of it. Most important, it will give you a new foundation to build a new mind and more than just average.

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Humanity's Greatest Sin: Religion

In Humanity’s Greatest Sin: Religion you will understand the truth about the placebo power of your mind to heal and attract/create reality. You will understand the best of the best practices used worldwide for healing miracles.

With the discoveries that subtle invisible energies like emotions have significant impacts on a human’s longevity, health and reality, the search for how this natural design works has quickened. With Science now validating how our brains and consciousness create a unique interactive holographic reality as part of a greater reality, we are faced with a conclusion we are not victims but creators through conscious awareness.

The clinical measurements of how energetic coherence between brain and heart facilitates thousands of placebo type healings further enforce the mind’s power to change material reality. In understanding these cases, it becomes apparent that our natural design is built to create a heaven on earth representing a higher purpose of a supreme intelligence as the Unified Quantum Field.

Humans are gifted to evolve and advance evolution through free will of choices in mental and emotional expression of genes that turn on or off their longevity and wellbeing functions. Scores of researchers have come forward with measurements and evidence of how the variable power of emotional subtle energies and stress govern the way proteins manifest and control physical and biochemical expression.

With the discovery of the God and Vengeance genes that drive human behaviour to seek God and right wrong it is not a surprise to see the fall to the dark side of emotional expressions create a lack of spiritual evolution, as witnessed since the AMH (Anatomically Modern Human) was discovered to exist 200000 years ago having the same DNA as today.

In revealing studies, the AMH, over this period of time, on a logscale of 0 to 1000, sits at 204, barely above the level of an intellectual savage animal focused on survival. Science is finding through Epigenetics that the AMH brain has been unconsciously filling subconscious with a reality dominant in stress responses on autopilot directly limiting longevity, wellbeing and the quality of life.

With the understanding that the heart-brain subtle energy centers respond to real or imagined stress or joy without discretion, it is not surprising to see thousands of dramatic miracle healings and dramatic life changes come about by disciplining a new mind and paying attention to the rules of human natural design.

In this book you will understand how and why not following these rules of engagement can create many issues: emotional toxicity that inhibits genes from expressing themselves properly to access your built in natural pharmacy as designed by DNA; cause stress to impact immortal enzymes, Telomerase that controls cell age; create negative unprocessed thoughts, images and feelings to clog subtle energy centers, their mini-brains and meridians directly effecting mental, physical and  physiological functionality; create a reality of hell and dysfunction by way of negative thoughts, visions, words (brain) and emotional charge (heart).

Finally, you will understand how scores of impossible medical cases through many pioneer practitioners have solved these issues. This book will reveal the best of the best practices brought together as SEE (Subtle Energy Entrainment) to hopefully activate a new mind, new expression, and new life.


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The Divine Miracle Plant

In The Divine Miracle Plant: Kaneh Bosm alias Hemp, Cannabis Marijuana, Ed Rychkun takes you on a journey which brings to light the plight of the most unique and controversial plant on the planet. You will find this book a compendium of history and evolution of the strange, astounding dioecious plant Cannabis. For thousands of years of sacred use and tradition, the plant Keneh Bosm freely provided its power of healing oils and elixirs. Thought of as a divine gift of the gods, Keneh Bosm was used by Jesus as the anointing oil and healing elixirs to create miracles. In its smoke form it has provided ancient religions with a means of higher awareness of the Divine connection and self discovery. In the last century, known as Cannabis it fell from grace to become the Dope and Rope duo named Marijuana and Hemp. After prohibition on the grounds that marijuana was a dangerous addictive drug with no medical value, in 2005, the US government filed a patent to develop new antioxidant drugs while adhering to its statement of having no medical value; arresting 8.2 million people from 2001 to 2010.


With the discovery of endocannaboids, and the homeostatic synergy to the human endocannanbinoid system came the discovery of hundreds of compounds with far reaching mental and physical effects on the mind and human body. With 162 million adults worldwide risking criminal laws to harvest, research and use this unique plant for recreational and miraculous medical results, it has been found that not only is it a gateway to higher consciousness, but it provides the means to heal hundreds of diseases including cancer by boosting the body endocannabinoid system to support homeostacis and healing. Ed explains and reference a plethora of new worldwide research supporting thousands of eco-friendly solutions to food, energy, fuel, and industrial products that could impact the planet and assist in cleanup of man’s destructive path of industrialization. As a divine miracle plant, research has uncovered  hundreds of compounds that are a mirror of the human systems found to promote homeostacis and well being down to a neurological and cellular level.


The notorious drug THC has been found to produce an altered state equal to that preceding successful miracle healing cases, lowering brain waves to Alpha and eliminating stress cascades of the HPA axis in the body. Incredible revelations are being discovered daily indicating the power of CBD/THC oils and the acid forms of CBDa/THCa.  This book provides over 400 references to take you on a journey from ancient history to current revelations on the plant Cannabis. You will come to understand the positive side of this unique plant  to see why it can be the most important medical rediscovery of all time; and why it is truly the Divine Miracle Plant. You will understand how this plant can benefit you. Ed ends with his Epilogue which shows how the effect of unnatural prescription drugs creates a negative entourage effect and how he implemented his cannabis oil based homeostacis solution to effect a holistic healing approach; what he and other professionals are now coming to realize as the greatest medical discovery ever. 

“Imagine a plant that’s inhabited this planet for thousands of years, at one with our atmosphere, serving man’s basic needs, being discovered to exist in each of us as our own Endocannabinoid system. It is truly a Divine Miracle Plant. I  am so thankful, and grateful to have an opportunity to  improve  every  human beings’ life, and develop  cannabis and  hemp products eradicate pain, and improve mankind’s health and the health of our Mother planet Earth. Ed Rychkun has the wisdom, foresight, and dedication to All of us, in bringing us  The Divine Miracle Plant. God bless each and everyone of us by reading this book, and taking steps to a healthier, happier life through Cannabis.” Robert DiDonato, CEO, International Sovereign Treaty Co.

Good Earth Hemp Company

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I Am Super Placebo

In the book I AM Superplacebo, Ed Rychkun having learned how to probe deep into his subconscious through altered states encounters new and revealing thoughts from an entity he names Superplacebo. As he digs deeper into these foreign thoughts he learns he is a conversation with Himself through the veil of forgetfulness. What unfolds is Ed learns that Superplacebo is a higher energy double centered in his heart and pineal mind. Join Ed as he documents this conversation with Himself to find answers to his puzzling questions; Are we eternal and why are we here?  Is our reality a holographic illusion? Are we living in a grand immersion movie? Did we create and contract for our Life Plan? Why do miracles work only some of the time? How do placebos create dramatic  healing miracles? What is the process most common in miracle healing? How can we proactively control our health and wealth reality? What is the physiological process of mind over matter? How do we attain super powers of mind? Who or what is Divine Intervention? How do we unlock the full potential of DNA?


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In The Divine Programmer: Creating Miracles Authors and Healers Aly McDonald and Ed Rychkun will take you into the fringe of metascience and science to reveal what works in creating healing and reality miracles. The authors bring forward some of the top Healers to example the detailed processes used to define the common denominators when healing miracles do work inside the body. In an attempt to quantify these processes, the authors draw upon a binary-trinary computer analogy to define the Divine Programmer's steps to maximize success. In a revealing journey you will look into the emerging world of how subtle energy fields such morphic, zeropoint, light body, heart, chakra, auras, and torroids work with quantum energies accessible through the heart-brain rather than the traditional ego-brain. Learn how beliefs stuck in subconscious, as well as curtailing the 3rd stage of human awareness can sabotage efforts, and how to change this. In further delving into creating reality miracles outside the body, the authors take you on a journey to analyze the Law of Attraction to see how and why it does work some of the time, also examining what prevents it from working. After summarizing the Programmer's Code from top Guru's techniques, in a new light of trinary versus binary computing, the authors introduce how 50 trillion cells work like computer chips in the ultimate Divine Human trinary computer. Here they develop the processes of how as a Divine Programmer, using the operating system of Divine Intelligence, the Compiler of the Heart, and the Program Language of Love, one can potentially command the brain to change the holographic reality; to attract and create internal and external miracles.

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The Divine Programmer II: How Humans Create Reality

In this sequel to The Divine Programmer: Creating Miracles, we will take you out of the norm of the prevailing consciousness and answer radical questions like: Is our reality a holographic illusion? Are we living in a grand immersion movie? Did we create and contract for our Life Plans? Why do miracles work for some some of the time? How do placebos create dramatic healing miracles? What is the process most common in miracle healing? How can we proactively control our health and wealth reality? What is the energetic and physiological process of mind over matter? What are we and why are we here? Who or what is Divine Intervention? How do we unlock the our full potential of DNA? 

Learn how the brain as directed by the subconscious mind is the CEO of our physical reality and how it evolves through stages of evolution to the age of 28 into a new spiritual evolution. Understand why if your life is not joyful, it is the brain and karma that are the culprits. Learn how your neurological processes open or limit the ability to proactively create new reality or default to old prevailing boxes of group consciousness. In this book your will understand the statement “as above, so below” and how it works in the process of downward causation when become your Heart and Soul Mind. This book will demystify the subtle energy bodies. It will present how the mind can select and energize words and visions from the quantum field of infinite possibilities then direct the subconscious and the midbrain to change neurological wiring for a new holographic reality. Understand clearly the key clinically proven steps in reviewing life plans, past, present and future to attract and create internal health and external wealth miracles. Know the intricate relationship between the laws of Karma, Cause & Effect and Attraction.

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THE DIVINE PROVINCE New Earth is here! 

In The Divine Province, Jaemes McBride and Ed Rychkun answer a 26,000 year old question of how we manifest and maintain the Golden Age. They bring  into our 3D reality the New Earth consciousness unfolding  now during the End Times. Taking readers on a 6000 year journey of Old Earth, they expose how Earthlings have been ruled by Elite powers and how their means of conquest has been religion and commerce under a corporate model of PLANET EARTH INC.

Learn how the silent dominion has separated the Earthlings from spirit thus accepting the physical imprisonment of the body vessel, disguising the truth of who they are. Now at the end of a 26,000 year cycle, a new consciousness has awakened multitudes of sleeping imprisoned souls to bring a New Earth into awareness, threatening the Ruler’s dominion and their business plan of the New World Order.

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The Soul's Story of the Strawman

Is there any truth to the mythical STRAWMAN story or not? Is it that the Rulers of the planet would like you to believe this corporate overlay on real humans is just a silly myth? Has someone created a clever deception to disguise the truth? And who would these Rulers be that would do such a thing? Ed Rychkun takes you on a journey into this story from the perspective of his Soul who only knows truth. He unfolds a little story of how a Light Being comes to Earth to become trapped in the mire of commerce and falls victim to the STRAWMAN overlay.

Ed will take you on a journey that may seem like a myth and fictional tale, but judge for yourself as he also reveals the evidence that supports the idea that such alleged truth may not be such a "myth". You will be fascinated to understand how the Rulers have through the Laws of the Sea and Commerce conquered nations under the kingdom of PLANET EARTH INC.

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PLANET EARTH INC Volumes One and Two


The acceptance by the Earthling of dominion over Spirit and Monetary affairs has brought humanity to its knees, bowing before false vengeful gods and the falsity of monetary debt. Exposed in Volume One is how this silent dominion has been carefully crafted through a business plan of PLANET EARTH INC. which has resulted in the acceptance by the Earthling of separation from Spirit, and acceptance of a form of silent slavery through religion and debt. The result, the enslavement of people and nations alike as employees and subsidiaries of the empire of PLANET EARTH INC has now come to light of truth as millions form the new consciousness of Sovereignty away from the bonds of debt, to rising of spirit, peace, harmony and freedom. Exposed through extensive research is the new revelation of how this dominion by the Elite Bloodlines who position themselves as gods has occurred over thousands of years to subdue the truth of the divine rights set forth in the constitutions.


In Volume Two the process by which the gods of old are being deposed at the critical juncture of time called the End Times to make way for the New Earth consciousness of the New Age is detailed. Clearly reported is how the Earthling is at an unprecedented 26000 year juncture where a new choice opens between Dominion of The New World Order and Sovereignty of Spirit of the New Order of the Ages. Here Ed Rychkun reveals a new consensus of the Soul’s Journey. He reports state of the art research to resign from PLANET EARTH INC and access the Good Faith and Credit that has been reserved in the secret Estate created under the fictional double called a Strawman. Here Ed explains  the ways and means to the God given divine sovereignty of all in equality, peace and harmony regardless of dark or light ways, transcending the judgment of good or evil.  

 “This is a mind-blowing expose’ of how the gods have continued their dominion over their slaves species of mankind. The chilling details of how this has been done through corporate empires of money and religion is balanced by the enlightening details on the final demise of vengeful gods. It is a must for anyone seeking truth.“ Michael Tellinger  

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 New Earth

In New Earth: A Personal Journey Ed Rychkun answers some key questions such as What is Heaven? What would a New Earth be like? and How does the 2012 ascension relate to a New Earth? He tells his story to explain how every individual is on a seperate journey attempting to understand what will happen to Old Earth. In this personal journey, he takes you on his journey to the inner self and inner earth to reveal what the new earth can be. It's all about leaving your physical body like in a Near Death Experience where one can liberate the soul to see it's truth. "I have come to a conclusion through my journey that where we head through ascension and what we percieve as our New Earth is entirely different from what intellect could imagine." Take this excursion into the different realms of Agartha, the perfect and pure lands created by the ascended ones where no negagtive energies exist. Here the creation of all things is instant through pure thought within the Creator's Consiouness.

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MPN: Triggers to Ascension  

MPN: Triggers to Ascension Ed Rychkun and Tom Scrase meld physical and metaphysical to tell you about getting off the Gopher Wheels of Life and allowing God to pay your bills. So I asked God: “When can you pay my bills?” And God replied: ”When you allow God to pay the bills.”  “But how?” I asked. “When you shift your will away from separation to unity and the Divine Higher Mind.” “How long will this take?” I pursued. “As long as you need; to take every moment that comes as a place to be in your natural state of unconditional love,” mused God. “Then you will pay my bills?” said I. “Then you will know you are a part of Me and can create your own payments.” MPN, Mindless Preoccupation with Nothing reveals how this simple state of mind is the secret to a paradigm mindset shift so the Divine Creator part of you that can be allowed to pay the bills—in a way that is opposite to what you have believed your ego thinks. It is your Near Death Experience into the world of inspiration, passion and unconditional love without dying. Test its simplicity of practice. Its your ascension primer. Try it. We did. So, pull up a chair, crack the cover and be ready to ride “from the inner mind to the outer limits.”

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  Serve gods or Be God

Serve gods or Be God: Your Choice Thousands of gods have wreaked havoc on humanity for many centuries. So has the one God himself as evidenced in the Bibles. Those who claim to be Divine interpreters of God’s Word have succumbed to creating merchandise of humanity in the interest of subduing the true spirit. Never has God presented his Word directly. At the turn of the century humanity entered the 2012 End Times of Revelation, Resurrection, and Armageddon. Despite what religions tell you about God’s prophecy, doom, the Second Coming, and your sins, in the minds of millions is an underlying consciousness that something is amiss with those they trust. It is because something epic is happening in this Universe.

Outside the box of your mortal mind sits a Train that arrived on March 21, 2011. Under the Divine Plan it is scheduled to depart on October 28, 2011 for New Earth and Genesis II, never to return. Tickets are free with conditions of accepting the truth that is forming before you; that God resides in all of us. This is the Time of Choosing and Revelation when you make a simple choice of serving the gods on Old Earth or being God on New Earth. The train sits awaiting your intent to take you through your personal Resurrection. This book is meant to tell you a new truth of what is happening to Old Earth, what is New Earth, and what the true meaning of Revelation and Resurrection is. It will tell what will happen to you by Dec 21, 2012 and why you need to make the most serious choice of your life.                                                               

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 Can You Let Go?

Can You Let Go? is about a paradigm shift in how you enter the world of miracles and Co-creation. It means letting go of thinking with your head and learning to think with your heart. Why do prayers, the Law of Attraction, miracle healing, manifesting and assertions only work sometimes, for some? It is because those that show consistent success understand what the secret of letting go is. The secret? You have to let go; go inside to the heart, shift beliefs, surrender to a higher power, have faith and trust in the Divine. But what does this really mean? What is it exactly that one must let go of? In their raw simplicity these are very powerful words and concepts but implementing these in your life with the appropriate conviction may not be so simple. Yet there are millions of unexplained miracles and anomalies of science around the planet done by people who know how to release such special talents. Ed Rychkun poses the question; “If others can create miracles, why can’t I?” Let us find the answer to this by learning how miracle makers let go and why. And let us get some advice from the “other side” of the veil.

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Miracle, Miracle I Wish to Find Where You Hide Within My Mind

Whether mainstream medical and science experts want to admit it or not, millions of spectacular, unexplained healing miracles occur. The dismissal of this reality on the basis of unexplainable does not benefit others who have such a wondrous gift, or even be able to create a miracle.  

Quantum physics has proven that consciousness and the mind is the vital component to miracles but they simply do not know how. In addition quantum science has shattered the foundations of what we know of atomic science. The truth is that the answers do not lie in science and if someone else can create a miracle, then so can you.  

So how do others do it? Let me take you to the leaders in miracles—the ones that caught my attention—the ones doing it daily. When you understand how the miracle healers really get down to the simple basics, a paradigm shift occurs in belief. Let me give you a short, simple course on what I found out so perhaps you too can create your own miracles?  

Take your own quantum leap into the new reality of miracles.


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Managing Human Subtle Energy: Walking the Thought

Managing Human Subtle Energy: Walking the Thought This mind bending book gets to the bottom line of how to launch a management program that will absolutely change your life. You will clearly understand what Human Subtle Energies are and how they have been designed with a purpose – to convert non-physical energy to physical reality within your consciousness so you can enjoy life. First, see what the world of new science says about the existence and power of Human Subtle Energy. After this mind-blowing summary, find out the Laws by which these energies generated by your body operate. The inevitable startling conclusion will pound into your mind – you have not been managing your subtle energies properly – living a life of negative energy, drumming to a default destiny. Ironically, your life has turned out exactly the way you wanted it from previous thoughts and emotions. The way to change this lies in creating a habit to break old habits – through proactive Subtle Energy Management. 

Do you believe you can awaken the Genie in you and even control events by managing your subtle energy? Walk your thoughts for 60 days and find out for yourself .  

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Subtle Secrets: Talking Heart to Heart

Subtle Secrets: Talking Heart to Heart If you have ever had moments where you pondered why your life has unfolded the way it has and whether you had any control over making it better, you need to read this profound summary that combines ancient wisdom with recent scientific discoveries. In this book, Ed Rychkun gets to the “Heart” of how to manifest a life of quality time providing concise riveting information about why you need to start paying attention to the Subtle Laws of the Universe. These Subtle Laws reveal the common purpose of life transcending the boundaries of race and religious and spiritual differences so common on our conflictive planet. From the ancient wisdom of the ages, to the miracle healings of the religions, through New Age beliefs and from the most recent scientific discoveries, Ed extracts the essence of a common purpose and process with a resounding message: “If you want to heal the planet, and generate love and peace, start with yourself and your own back yard. Then direct your mind to change your code of behavior to create coherence between the two main subtle energy centers - the heart and brain”. Take the action to manifest a quality life and activate your role to a peaceful planet.

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